Selling Your Luxury Condominium

 Selling your Luxury Condominium?

If you have plans on selling your Portland penthouse in the future, you would be making a huge mistake by not calling Brad Golik to list your penthouse. Brad has simply the best condo marketing program in the city for luxury condominiums. Brad spends more money on the marketing of his listings than any other condo specialist! In addition, his presence on the internet (the same place buyer’s are looking!) is second to none!

Says Brad, “It is very frustrating to me to see a luxury condominium go on the market without 1st class marketing to go along with it…and yet I see it every week!” Why not select an agent to sell your luxury condo that wants to spend the money to make it stand out to potential buyers? The selection of your agent should not be tied to the agent that helped you purchase your condominium. Why? Well this is pretty easy. Typical agents do not focus on condos and therefore do NOT have marketing that is targeted everyday towards condo buyers! An agent CAN NOT turn on a light switch and become an expert at marketing to condo buyers overnight, it just doesn’t work this way.

Your penthouse or luxury condominium is special. You need an agent that specializes in this market and  more importantly, has a special marketing program that really shows off your unit in a 1st class way!

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